Common Questions

  1. How much is 1 shirt?
    – We don’t print less than 24 shirts of the same imprinting.
  2. How long does it take to print one shirt?
    – We don’t print less than 24 shirts. Generally we are 2-3 weeks out on production.
  3. Can I get less than 24 shirts printed?
    – Seriously, we don’t print less than 24 shirts.
  4. If I bring my own garments can I get less than 24 shirts printed?
    – Please refer to questions 1 thru 3.
  5. I found this shirt I like online but I don’t want to buy it from them, can you reproduce it?
    – We don’t print Copyright Infringing Material and refer to questions 1 thru 4. It would probably be cheaper to buy it online where you saw it.
  6. I found this image I like on Google, can we use it on shirts?
    – Generally, images that are taken from the internet are not suitable for screen printing. This is because the web was designed at 72 dpi with images that are maybe an inch square and for printed media the artwork needs to be at least 300 dpi at print size. Using a web image will create a grainy pixelated garbage of a print. We prefer not to print garbage or Copyright Infringing Material.
  7. Do I haf’ta have my art ready?
    – We do offer Graphic Design Services if you need your idea brought to life. With each shirt order we provide up to 30 minutes of “free” artist time. Our regular rate for design work is $60/hr. We do review each project and give an estimated time-frame.
  8. What format do you need my artwork in?
    – We are currently using Adobe Suite CS5. If you created your image in Photoshop then we need it at least 300 dpi at print size. If you used Illustrator then you need to save it as an .ai file that has been optimized for version CS5. Also, remember to Outline Your Fonts and make sure everything is within the Artboard.
  9. My graphic designer sent me a folder with a bunch of files I can’t open…
    – Send us what you have and we will advise whether or not the files are usable.
  10. My image might be of a questionable nature, will you print it?
    – If you have a concern that the image is questionable, it probably is, and we don’t print things of a crude, lewd, or hateful nature.
  11. Will you print me one sample before I place my order?
    – We require 50% down and the order to be placed before we commence on any imprinting. Rather than a sample run, we do a press check. If the press check is not satisfactory then we will make it right and there will be another press check. If the press check is good, then we are able to go right into printing.
  12. I provided my own garments and you messed one of them up, will you replace it?
    – Since we have no money in the garment itself the customer is responsible for any misprints within reasonable industry standards. Generally, when we provide the garments, we will order a few extra for when something does go wrong. If there is something catastrophic that happens to most or all of your provided garments we will make things right, but one or two misprints happens from time to time, it’s a part of screen printing that should be accounted for when ordering your own garments.
  13. It’s Thursday Afternoon and I need shirts for the weekend, can you help me?
    – The short answer is No. The reason being is this, to have shirts in time for printing on Friday we would have to order a few days in advance and most apparel warehouses have shipping cutoff times. Also, we are generally 2-3 weeks out so chances are our schedule is already full. Another word about rush orders, the short time-frame doesn’t leave room for if something were to go wrong or if you don’t like the press check there might not be enough time to reset and do our best work. We pride ourselves in creating the best possible product.
  14. Why wont you print my few assorted garments?
    – Sometimes customers try to bring us random assorted garments of different colors and materials. What they don’t realize is by changing colors and types of inks appropriate for the different materials a 24 piece order that should take us 30-60 minutes to produce can become an all day event which really equates to printing a bunch of one off samples, which we don’t do. It’s a matter of using our time wisely.
  15. Is this the Art Supply Store?
    – SC Art Supply was 3 blocks North of us at 1531 N El Camino Real.
  16. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3), do we pay sales tax?
    – Yes, you pay sales tax. Section 501(c)(3) is for Federal Tax Exemption. Sales Tax is regulated by the State and is payable by the end user of the product. For Sales Tax Exemption you need to have a Seller’s Permit and be reselling the product. We would need form BOE-230 filled out, signed and returned along with a copy of your valid Seller’s Permit.
  17. Since I’m providing my own garments, do I have to pay sales tax or does it count as a non-taxable service?
    – Since you are bringing the garments to our place of business the State of California dictates that any transfer or consumption of tangible personal property is required to collect sales or use tax. If we were a plumber and brought our tools to your house to do a job we would collect tax on materials and there would be a separate line for service labor that would not be taxed, but instead our services are completed at our location which counts as an integral part of a taxable transfer of property. Technically our labor is involved in creating tangible personal property that is different in form or function from its component parts; in this case a print made of ink on a garment. Citing; “the alteration is regarded as a step in the creation of a new item, which is taxable fabrication.”
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